Seed + Sprout

We believe that our health revolves around the food we eat, which is why we do everything fresh, from scratch almost everyday.

Today, more than ever, our days are crammed full of endless tasks and urgent activities. The pace of our days can leave us pressed for time and unable to replenish the mental and physical energy stores we depend on.

Seed+Sprout is built on the notion that you should be able to eat a complete meal in one bowl. Our bowls are specifically designed to have all of the macro-nutrients you need to help keep your mind and body sharp, while also being fast, convenient, above all delicious!

Our bowls start with wholesome bases of grains or greens, you then choose the hearty vegetables you want, plant or animal protein and our incredibly delicious and nutrient filled dressings. Every bowl is topped with nuts, seeds and micro-greens boosting the nutrition, anti-oxidant levels and of course flavor. You will feel the difference at the end of the day, we know it!

We are passionate about our food, and we hope you will be too!

-The Seed+Sprout Team