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Fall 2017

UCSD Price Center 

At Seed + Sprout, we believe that our health revolves around the food we eat. As Hippocrates once said, “Let food by thy medicine,” we continue to learn that the nourishment we give ourselves fuels our minds and bodies to perform incredible things.  Nowhere does food, health, energy, and vitality come together like on a college campus.

Today, we have the competing interests of time constraints, rising costs of healthy and organic ingredients, and the ever growing awareness that what we eat truly does matter. On a campus; students, faculty, and staff fill their day with more activities, groups, social engagements, athletics, and work than ever before.  Its easy for healthy eating to fall down the list of priorities, especially when faced with the convenience of less healthy options. 

Seed + Sprout will fill the gap in efficient high-volume HEALTHY food.  Our purpose is clear, to offer delicious and healthy nourishment to the UCSD campus at a fair price. 

The premise is equally simple; we know people love variety, convenience, and delicious food. Our menu offers full variety and the ability for each customer to customize their choices to create their own perfect meal. Building on the foundation of macro-bowls, where complete nutrition is served in a delightful combination of carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats, and additional vitamin and antioxidant boosters. In addition to the fully customizable menu, there will be composed options available that ensure complete nutrition, as well as a selection of “grab and go” items that are available with little to no wait.

Sourcing seasonal and locally grown ingredients is deeply important to us. It allows us to offer our menu at the best price with the best nutritional result. We think customers want to know what they are eating, and how it will benefit their well-being. We also believe in truth and transparency, and will have complete nutritional information available for our menu. We are excited to present a map as part of our interior design that highlights the farms our ingredients came from.

Speed of service on a college campus is paramount, which is why our menu is both nutritionally complete, and service process efficient. In our time-study customer counts at the Price Center, we found an average of 170 customers served per hour during the peak lunch period from 11am – 3pm. Meeting this large demand is the cornerstone of Seed + Sprout, and the driving force behind our menu options and service process.