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UCSD Price Center 

At Seed + Sprout, we believe that our health revolves around the food we eat. As Hippocrates once said, “Let food by thy medicine,” we continue to learn that the nourishment we give ourselves fuels our minds and bodies to perform incredible things.  Nowhere does food, health, energy, and vitality come together like on a college campus.

Today, we have the competing interests of time constraints, rising costs of healthy and organic ingredients, and the ever growing awareness that what we eat truly does matter. On a campus; students, faculty, and staff fill their day with more activities, groups, social engagements, athletics, and work than ever before.  Its easy for healthy eating to fall down the list of priorities, especially when faced with the convenience of less healthy options. 

Our menu offers full variety and the ability for each customer to customize their choices to create their own perfect meal.

Come in today and build your own macro-bowl!